ALV grid in ABAP / SAP
Field additions to your ABAP program to use the ALV grid
Using Breakdown Duration (QMIH-AUSZT)
Using the breakdown duration in the Service Management module, SAP, includes concatenate, append, and converting floating-point decimal to character in ABAP
Call Transaction
Description of the call transaction feature in ABAP.
Complex queries in ABAP / SAP
SAP Data Transfer (Initial data load)
SAP Tables
Tables in SAP.
Internal tables in ABAP
Tables in SAP.
ABAP: Pop up window
Logical expressions for string fields in ABAP
Relational operations permitted in ABAP.
SAP Query
How to use the SAP Query function
Useful ABAP select statements
Using the ABAP SELECT statement? Here are some useful examples.
SHDB Record a BDC session
Allows users to create fields for a BDC session
Substring in SAP's ABAP programming
Description of the substring feature in ABAP.
Transfer data to system file
SAP ws_upload
Upload a file from the presentation server (read PC) to SAP

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