*- ALV Required Data
type-pools: slis.
i_alv_fieldcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
i_alv_sortcat type slis_t_sortinfo_alv,
i_alv_filtercat type slis_t_filter_alv,
i_alv_eventcat type slis_t_event,
i_alv_eventexitcat type slis_t_event_exit,
i_alv_spgroupcat type slis_t_sp_group_alv,
i_alv_excludingcat type slis_t_extab,
w_alv_selhide type slis_sel_hide_alv,
w_alv_isprint type slis_print_alv,
w_alv_keyinfo type slis_keyinfo_alv,
w_alv_layout type slis_layout_alv,
w_alv_variant type slis_layout_alv,
i_alv_list_top_of_page type slis_t_listheader,
w_alv_save(1) type c value 'A',
w_alv_default(1) type c value 'X',
w_alv_interface_check type c,
w_alv_sort_pos type i,
w_alv_screen_start_column type i,
w_alv_screen_start_line type i,
w_alv_screen_end_column type i,
w_alv_screen_end_line type i,
w_percentage_old type i value 1.
data: gt_events type slis_t_event,
ls_event type slis_alv_event,
g_repid type sy-repid,
w_callback_subroutine type slis_formname,
w_callback_program type sy-repid,
w_no_zero(1) value 'X',
w_alv_sortcat type slis_sortinfo_alv.


t_header type slis_t_listheader,
wa_header type slis_listheader,
t_line like wa_header-info.


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