Call Transaction
ABAP programming

Want to quickly become a hero to your users? 'Call transaction' is a quick and easy way to impress them on almost any existing report. All you need to know is how.

Find out from the user the report to add the transaction to and the transaction code. In this case we are adding a Service Management transaction (CO03) to an existing report. Bring the transaction up on the screen

How to do it:

Bring up the transaction.
For each field on the initial screen find out the parameter ID.

  • Right mouse click on the field, then click on help in the pop-up menu.
  • In the Help dialog box click on the "Technical Information" button at the bottom.
  • In the "Techincal information" box look for the Parameter ID. Write down the field name and parameter ID.
  • Since you are going to the Service Management module with a Service Order number, find a line where infomation is pertinant to this system. Now lets add the code to enable the click-thru. Its a two-step process.
    Using HIDE to add the click-thru field to the report:
    • Define the click-thru field to your program globally (at the top of the program).
      tables: caufv.
      data: input_aufnr like caufv-aufnr.
    • Update the hidden field and write it out in the report.
      • Use MOVE to populate the field
      • Use HIDE to include the field in the written line.
      • Clear the populated field after writing the line. (Very important)
  • Now add the at line-selection event to your program. If you aren't familiar with it, at it at the end of the processing section.
  • Test to see if the field has content.
  • Set the parameter ID.
  • Call the transaction and skip first screen.
  • Once you are done, clear the returned field.
Now run the report and click on the line you modified. Voila! Your transaction is entered with the value you supplied.

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