Data Transfer

When you need to load information into an SAP R/3 system from a legacy system, a set of tools that falls into the Data Transfer catagory are used. Between 3.1H and 4.6C there were major changes in this area of SAP. The old Data Transfer Workbench can be used, or you can combine the new tools with programs that you write to effectively manage a data transfer project. SAP offers The Data Transfer Guidebook to help guide users through the process.

Determining when to use Data Transfer technology

Essentially, if Data Transfer technology is not used, the data must be manually entered. Manually entered data will, as a rule, be cleaner and cause fewer problems in the future. A number of factors go into the choice between manual entry of information vs. Data Transfer . Any large group of records (say 2000 or more) will probably need to be automated. Anything less that 2000 can probably be manually input in less time than it will take to write and correctly test a conversion program, convert the data into a QA environment, test and adjust the conversion, then convert the data into your production system.

However, another factor is time available at go-live.

Data Transfer Workbench

The Data Transfer Workbench (SXDA) controls the complete data transfer
process and integrates different available load techniques. The new functions
use BAPI interfaces and reduce the time and cost of mass data transfer . The
DXWB also integrates batch input and direct input based on the business object's
load programs. The DXWB is a one-stop-shop for all data transfers and contains
the Data Mapping and Conversion (DMC) tool and integrates with the Legacy
System Migration Workbench data mappings.
The DXWB provides central functions to facilitate required DX tasks:
. Organize DX-related work (project organization)
. Access to DX-related documentation on specific topic
. Understand the SAP target structures
. Edit data file for test purposes
. Map legacy structures to SAP target structure by using DMC
. Run the required ABAP-based DX programs
. Log technical and application errors
. Correct erroneous records before reprocessing
Where to get and learn more

The Data Transfer Workbench (DXWB) comes standard in SAP R/3, and has been
available as part of standard SAP R/3 since 4.0B.

Note 200656 - The Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW or LSM Workbench) assists in transferring the data to SAP

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