Name Code Glyph Description
‘ ‘   left single quote
’ ’   right single quote
‚ ‚   single low-9 quote
“ “   left double quote
” ”   right double quote
„ „   double low-9 quote
† †   dagger
‡ ‡   double dagger
‰ ‰   per mill sign
‹ ‹   single left-pointing angle quote
› ›   single right-pointing angle quote
♠ ♠   black spade suit
♣ ♣   black club suit
♥ ♥   black heart suit
♦ ♦   black diamond suit
‾ ‾   overline, = spacing overscore
← ←   leftward arrow
↑ ↑   upward arrow
→ →   rightward arrow
↓ ↓   downward arrow
™ ™   trademark sign
" "   double quotation mark
& &   ampersand
⁄ /   slash
&lt; <   less-than sign
&gt; >   greater-than sign
&ndash; –   en dash
&mdash; —   em dash
&nbsp;     nonbreaking space
&iexcl; ¡   inverted exclamation
&cent; ¢   cent sign
&pound; £   pound sterling
&curren; ¤   general currency sign
&yen; ¥   yen sign
&brvbar; or &brkbar; ¦   broken vertical bar
&sect; §   section sign
&uml; or &die; ¨   umlaut
&copy; ©   copyright
&ordf; ª   feminine ordinal
&laquo; «   left angle quote
&not; ¬   not sign
&shy; ­   soft hyphen
&reg; ®   registered trademark
&macr; or &hibar; ¯   macron accent
&deg; °   degree sign
&plusmn; ±   plus or minus
&sup2; ²   superscript two
&sup3; ³   superscript three
&acute; ´   acute accent
&micro; µ   micro sign
&para; ¶   paragraph sign
&middot; ·   middle dot
&cedil; ¸   cedilla
&sup1; ¹   superscript one
&ordm; º   masculine ordinal
&raquo; »   right angle quote
&frac14; ¼   one-fourth
&frac12; ½   one-half
&frac34; ¾   three-fourths
&iquest; ¿   inverted question mark
&Agrave; À   uppercase A, grave accent
&Aacute; Á   uppercase A, acute accent
&Acirc;    uppercase A, circumflex accent
&Atilde; à  uppercase A, tilde
&Auml; Ä   uppercase A, umlaut
&Aring; Å   uppercase A, ring
&AElig; Æ   uppercase AE
&Ccedil; Ç   uppercase C, cedilla
&Egrave; È   uppercase E, grave accent
&Eacute; É   uppercase E, acute accent
&Ecirc; Ê   uppercase E, circumflex accent
&Euml; Ë   uppercase E, umlaut
&Igrave; Ì   uppercase I, grave accent
&Iacute; Í   uppercase I, acute accent
&Icirc; Π  uppercase I, circumflex accent
&Iuml; Ï   uppercase I, umlaut
&ETH; Р  uppercase Eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde; Ñ   uppercase N, tilde
&Ograve; Ò   uppercase O, grave accent
&Oacute; Ó   uppercase O, acute accent
&Ocirc; Ô   uppercase O, circumflex accent
&Otilde; Õ   uppercase O, tilde
&Ouml; Ö   uppercase O, umlaut
&times; ×   multiplication sign
&Oslash; Ø   uppercase O, slash
&Ugrave; Ù   uppercase U, grave accent
&Uacute; Ú   uppercase U, acute accent
&Ucirc; Û   uppercase U, circumflex accent
&Uuml; Ü   uppercase U, umlaut
&Yacute; Ý   uppercase Y, acute accent
&THORN; Þ   uppercase THORN, Icelandic
&szlig; ß   lowercase sharps, German
&agrave; à   lowercase a, grave accent
&aacute; á   lowercase a, acute accent
&acirc; â   lowercase a, circumflex accent
&atilde; ã   lowercase a, tilde
&auml; ä   lowercase a, umlaut
&aring; å   lowercase a, ring
&aelig; æ   lowercase ae
&ccedil; ç   lowercase c, cedilla
&egrave; è   lowercase e, grave accent
&eacute; é   lowercase e, acute accent
&ecirc; ê   lowercase e, circumflex accent
&euml; ë   lowercase e, umlaut
&igrave; ì   lowercase i, grave accent
&iacute; í   lowercase i, acute accent
&icirc; î   lowercase i, circumflex accent
&iuml; ï   lowercase i, umlaut
&eth; ð   lowercase eth, Icelandic
&ntilde; ñ   lowercase n, tilde
&ograve; ò   lowercase o, grave accent
&oacute; ó   lowercase o, acute accent
&ocirc; ô   lowercase o, circumflex accent
&otilde; õ   lowercase o, tilde
&ouml; ö   lowercase o, umlaut
&divide; ÷   division sign
&oslash; ø   lowercase o, slash
&ugrave; ù   lowercase u, grave accent
&uacute; ú   lowercase u, acute accent
&ucirc; û   lowercase u, circumflex accent
&uuml; ü   lowercase u, umlaut
&yacute; ý   lowercase y, acute accent
&thorn; þ   lowercase thorn, Icelandic
&yuml; ÿ   lowercase y, umlaut

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