301 redirect in Perl
File operations in Perl
Learning to use open, close,
Create a calendar in Perl with MySQL
Script that lets you add a calender to a web page if you have perl and mysql on your server
Perl Cheat Sheet
Common perl operations, in summary format, mostly because I can't remember them from site to site.
Perl Debug
Using the perl debug function and a list of common errors in perl programs
Perl Tutorial, Part I
Brief overview of the language and how to create your first perl program, the statndard 'Hello, World'.
Perl tutorial, Part II
Opening, reading and outputing a file.
Turning data into information - perl tutorial part III
In this section we learn the beginning steps of turning data into information (processed data).
Perl's regular expressions - regexp
Learn the basics of Perl's regexp (regular expressions). Includes examples of common regexp that Golden Ink uses, well, regularly.
Basic examples of Perl's regular expressions - regexp
Samples and examples of common regexp (regular expressions) used by Golden Ink, a Georgia Corporation.
Complex regular expressions in Perl - regexp
Here we demonstrate varible substitution in regular expressions.
Regular expressions: Examples
Various uses for regular expressions
Shebangs, splats and Magic lines
Discusses some of the terms used in the Perl Help pages and tutorial
Perl's undef function
The undef function in perl. Definition and examples for common usage

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